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Update: Source is checked in! Enjoy. I'll work on getting documentation up next week. if you have questions please email us:

Project Description
Kinect Screen Aware is a simple experimentation platform, allowing for a low cost setup to experiment with vision capabilities such as detecting touch, hover, gestures, as well as voice. It can be described as 'a way to detect touch on a television using a Kinect Sensor', but it's really much more than that. Powered by Kinect, and the Kinect for Windows SDK, this system allows for an enthusiast to create forward looking scenarios. To work with this project, you'll need the software contained here, and Kinect for Windows Sensor. If you're working with a standard XBOX Kinect Sensor, you'll need to download and compile the source, as well as the Kinect SDK.

About development of this project
This project was created as part of the Microsoft Garage, a grassroots innovation group at Microsoft. It was created after hours, in my own time, without using Microsoft internal source or resources.

Note: Using the XBOX Kinect is currently untested. Hover scenarios will likely not function well without the 'near mode', however overall the project should function.

I couldn't have created this project without the previous published work from:

Additional assistance and credits:
Louis Martinez - Testing, Coding, and design assistance
James Maki - Design, Documentation
Eric Havir - Design, Scenarios, and Orientation scenario
Clint Rutkas - Coding4Fun support, and for the best Kinect stand ever
Josh Blake - Various blog posts assisting with touch input and touch injection:
Haylex studios - filtering algo and tutorials -
Anson's blog - Injecting touch into wpf -
Kinect Toolbox - voice command source -
Helix 3D Toolkit -
Marzio Pattano - Async image loading (wpf photo demo)-

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